Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovikj

Professor of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Dr. Trajkovikj is currently giving courses in Algorithms and Data Structures, Embedded Systems, Mobile Information Systems, Information Systems Analyses and Design, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, New Media and Communication (undergraduate level) and Mobile and Web Services, Collaborative Systems, Embedded Computer Components Design II, Innovative Technologies for Business, Web based Eco Systems, Internet based communications and Cyber culture (graduate level) as well as Service Oriented Architectures and Advanced Topics in Distance Education System Development (postgraduate level). Professor used to be Head of Computer Science Department Laboratory, Coordinator of International project dedicated to design integrated information system for Macedonian Telecommunications, Administrative and coordinative work on several International Research and Educational Projects (see list below), consultant work for more then 10 companies and institutions aimed for establishing different management, negotiation and interoperability procedures, Director of Non-Governmental Organization ICT-ACT, ICT Innovation 2013 Conference chair, ITHET 2017 Technical Program chair, Vice Dean for Science and Cooperation. Dr. Trajkovikj has more than 150 research papers presented on International Conferences or published in International Journals in Computer Science and Informatics. Research interests include: Information Systems Analyses and Design, Connected Health Systems, Distance Educational Systems, ICT based Collaboration Systems and Mobile services.

Key Note speech:

Big Data, Internet of Things and Health: May the Force Be with You

The big data and internet of things are enablers of technologies based on machine learning and block-chain that tend to establish novel services in many areas. Typical example can be connected health that introduce technology in all well being, healthcare, and e-health. Yet, in some cases, the role of data science and data engineering is not yet clear, and face different challenges. The speech will elaborate on those roles and challenges, and provide input on the current state of art that addresses them.